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From the wonderful wide world of small publishing!  For full review, click title!

Bitter Bones  by Karen Treanor -Mystery 4.25 bolts
"...a read well worth the time, one guaranteed to provide lots of reading pleasure. "       

The Dead Husband by R.J. Brown  -Cozy Mystery 4.5 bolts
"... a cozy-cozy mystery with something to say about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness and, to put it mildly, is one great read."

Seasick by Gloria Nagy -Mystery 4.5 bolts
"This is one of the most enjoyable books I have read for ages, I highly recommend it."

Little Blue Whales by Kenneth R Lewis -Mystery  4 bolts
"This is a complex and involving story that can hold its own against many publications of larger publishing houses."

The Devil’s Advocate by Graham Lord - Biography (Added 08-15-07) 5 bolts
"All in all a well researched study..."

Stealing the Dragon (A Cape Weathers Investigation) -  by Tim Maleeny
"Maleeny has come up with a great set of characters who move smoothly through the story..."

Protector by Laurel Dewey  -Suspense  (Added 08/01/07)    5 bolts
"A beautiful and deeply satisfying novel, here's to hoping Dewey has plans for another."

A Corpse in the Soup by  Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner -Mystery  (Added 08/01/07)    5 bolts
"...highly recommend this tale to any mystery buff who enjoys a tongue-in-cheek style of story telling..."

TerrO.R  by Joseph Neuschatz  (Medical Mystery) Added 07-25-07 5 bolts!
"Great book…. TerrO. R is enjoyable….disturbingly enjoyable."

Saddam’s Hangover + 3 Other Equally Insane Skits by Aniche (Fiction) Added 05-22-07)

Landscape by Donna Cousins  (Thriller) Added 05-15-07
"If you can put this book down before you find out what happens next, you’ve got a tighter rein on your curiosity than most people."

The Magdalene Code by Edmund Kwaw (Thriller) Added 5-02-07
"...a chilling suspense tale, one of deceit, secrecy and murder..."

Writings on the Wall  Edited by Valerie J Patterson (Short Stories) Added 04/07
"There’s something for everyone in this collection..."

Hidden in the Heart by Beth Andrews (Historical) Added 01-31-07
"Highly recommended"

The Dirt-Brown Derby by Ed Lynskey (Mystery) Added 01-24-07
"...mystery action at its pulsating best..."

Grave Descend by John Lange (Mystery/re-release) Added 01-24-07
"Hard Case Crime has done a great job of bringing back to life these great classic golden-oldies."

Behind the Polygamy Veil by Kenneth Brown (Mystery) Added 01-09-07
"A tale told by an author with a sure knowledge of his subject." 

The Snow Dogs of Lost Lake by Dorothy Bodoin (Mystery) Added 01-03-07
"...there's a flavour of other worldliness about the story..."

Earth is Ours by Gary W. Babb (Science Fiction) Added 01-03-07
" grand fantasy novel- that borders on mythological status."

Point Blank by Julie Cambria (Mystery) Added 12-13-06
" entertaining and involving read."

Caribbean Calling by J D Gordon (Mystery) Added 12-13-06
" moves fast and furiously to the penultimate chapter."

Lilah and the Locket by Nikki Leigh (Mystery) Added 11-15-06
"...A cleverly plotted tale by talented author Nikki Leigh..."

Stinger by Diana Chambers (Mystery) Added 10/31/06
"...keeps readers on their toes trying to keep up with the plot twists."

THE CENTURION by Alex Domokos & Rita Y. Toews (Historical) Added 10/24/06
"This is the perfect book for a long weekend..."

No Doubt by Kathleen O'Connor (Mystery / added 7/18/06) 4 bolts
"Lots of well-drawn characters in a well-told tale..."

The Metadata Murders by William Fietzer (Mystery/ added 5/23/06) 3 bolts
" of interest to those who are more computer literate than most..."

The Belen Hitch by Pari Noskin Taichert (Thriller / added 4/18/06) 4.5 bolts
"A highly enjoyable read that I am pleased to recommend to any mystery buff."

Blood Red Square by Pat Mullan (Thriller / added 4/18/06) 5 bolts!!
" was difficult to distinguish were reality ended and fiction started."

Cracks in the Rainbow by Mark Bouton (Thriller / added 4/18/06) 5 bolts!!
"A grand read with a stunning finish..."

The Lincoln Room by Valerie J Patterson (Mystery / added 4/7/06) 4 bolts
"Another rousing read from the Books Unbound stable."

Heavenly Pleasures by Kerry Greenwood (Mystery) 4 bolts (added 4/2/06)
"...a delightful reason to spend an afternoon in your favorite reading spot."

Under A Cloud by Eliot Sefrin (Police Investigative) 4 bolts Added 3/28/06
"...a stand-out of its genre."

Dancer in the Dark by Joseph Steven (Mystery) 3.5 bolts (added 3/15/06)
"...a fast-moving, involving story that will keep you on your mental toes."

The Curse Of The Mandreill Dagger by Margaret Evans (Mystery Novella)
3.5 bolts (added 3/7/06)
"...this little book will while away the odd half hour very nicely."

The Hobo Chronicles by S. E. Schenkel (Mystery) 4 bolts -Added 3/7/06
"This promises to be the first in a series, and I'm looking forward to the next one."

Death Goes Dutch by Albert A. Bell Jr. (Mystery) 4.5 bolts
"...a really enjoyable book with lots hairpin turns..."

Bodycheck by Steve Owad (Mystery) 4 bolts
"...will have your eyes moving over the pages faster than a Rocket Richard slapshot."

THE BLACK LIZARD and BEAST IN THE SHADOWS By Edogawa Rampo (Thriller) 5 bolts!
"...classics in modern mystery writing."

Crazy Lady by James Hawkins (Mystery) Added 1/11/06
"...multi-genre tale of mystery and romance."

SHOUT IN THE DARK by Christopher Wright (Mystery) Added 1/11/06
" will find many things to enjoy in this adventure/mystery."

A Date With The Devil by Kim Mathis Schwartz (Paranormal Mystery) 11/23/05
"A well told tale by talented Kim Mathis Schwartz..."

No Such Thing As A Secret  by Shelly Fredman (Mystery) Added 11/0/05
"The book is an entertaining read which won't leave you afraid to turn out the light.''

Mortal Fools by Elissa Leidy (Mystery) Added 11/9/05
"A read to hold your attention by a talented new author on the mystery scene."

Broken Men and Fallen Women by Rod MacDonald (Thriller) Added 11/02/05
"...a good action packed murder mystery with plentiful legal action..."

A Blood Stained Ivory Tower by Richard Kell (Mystery) Added 11/02/05
"A well thought out plot with an original turn..."

The Bishop of San Francisco by Eugene C. Bianchi (Mystery) Added 10/26/05
"The story is well done and the reader will meet some interesting characters." 

Bumped off in Baltimore by Louise Tichener (Mystery) Added 10/19/05
"...I recommend it to mystery fans who like a tenacious but vulnerable heroine."

Tea and Witchery by Marie Dees (Mystery) Added 10/12/05
"...over all this is a good read..."

Lost in the Ivy by Randy Richardson (Mystery) Added 10/12/05
"A well-drawn cast of characters..."

No Place Like Home by T. A. Stone (Mystery) Added 9/28/05
"'ll meet one of the best cop-and-consultant teams to come along in years." 

The Messiah Medallions by Jack Salmela (Mystery) Added 9/28/05
"A tale with suspense, mystery and a bit of satire."

Identity Crisis by Debbi Mack (Mystery) Added 9/28/05
"This is a story with plenty of action..."

Black Robes on White Horses by Daniel B. Jeffs (Mystery) Added 9/28/05
"...a compelling plot line and some good descriptions..."

Pleasant Valley by Eralides E. Cabrera (Supernatural) Added 8/16/05
"...a breathtakingly scary fantasy novel."

Shrouded in Thought by N. S. Wikarski (Mystery) Added 8/16/05
"This series has tremendous potential, which has yet to be realized."

The China Conspiracy by P.M. Terrell (Mystery/Thriller) Added 08/02/05
" eminently readable tale."

The Faithless by Ted Simon (Mystery) Added 07/19/05
"...should appeal to thriller lovers who don't mind a walk on the dark side of life."

Third Man Out by Dianne Andrews (Mystery) Added 07/19/05
"...takes the reader through the steps of two mysterious people falling in love..."

Deadly Illusions by Chester D. Campbell (Mystery) Added 06/28/05
"A worthy read and a worthier buy..."

Fast Lane by Dave Zeltserman (Mystery) Added 06/28/05
"Something different in the way a private eye tale."

Baker's Will by Gary Hill (Mystery) Added 06/15/05
"A tale that might satisfy the reader in search of an offbeat story."

Jonny Double by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso (Graphic) Added 06/15/05
"...a sympathetic depiction of alternative lifestyles and milieus..."

Weeds in the Garden by Brandy Carter (Mystery) Added 6/07/05
"A well told tale of romance and murder to please any romantic or mystery buff."

From Out of the Darkness by Karlene Logan (Mystery) Added 6/07/05
"A complex weave of romance and murder that will keep you reading."

Patterns in Silicon by Maureen Robb (Mystery) Added 5/24/05
"A complex weave of subplots and motives by conniving characters..."

Scalpel and Hatchet by John G. McConahy (Historical) Added 05/10/05
"A satisfying read for any reader who likes tales of the frontier with loads of adventure and suspense."  

Cold Dark Matter by Alex Brett (Mystery) Added 04/12/05
"...a mystery with a background setting in astronomy..."

Gunshy by Louise Titchener (A Balitmore Historical Mystery) Added 3/22/05
"Readers will look forward to future books about Oliver Redcastle, Baltimore's first P I..."

Out of the Blue by Tom Inabnet (Sci-Fi Thriller) Added 03/22/05)
"...action and sci- fi at its best..." 

Until Proven Innocent by Gene Grossman (Mystery) Added 03/16/05
"...a fun read that grips the reader's attention..."

Fast One by Paul Cain (30's Noir) Added 03/15/05
"...a gangster story crossed with a doomed romance."

Dead Water Creek by Alex Brett (Mystery) Added 03/08/05
"A recommended read for any mystery lover who likes a bit of science added to the mix."

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Demon House by Max Allan Collins, Gabriel Rodriguez and Ashley Wood ((Comic/Graphic) Added 2/16/05
 "...latest in a series of graphic novels that attempt to recreate and depict the eponymous CBS show..."

Roadworks by Gerard Readett (Thriller) Added 2/09/05
"...the storyline is marvelous and the plot worthy of a Hollywood movie."

Shaking Hands With Leftowitz by Melvin Foster (Suspense) Added 2/9/05
his book is more of a metaphysical exercise than a mystery novel..."

Wiseman: The Awakening by Levi Wayne (Supernatural) Added 2/0/05
"...a world of supernatural and evil predators." 

The Interpol Imbroglio by Mary Jo Grotenrath (Thriller) Added 1/26/05
"...tidy action culminating in a suspense laced finish. "

Nothing More Than Murder by Jim Thompson (Noir) Added 1/19/05
" Nothing More Than Murder isn’t simply noir; it is nightmare."

100 Bullets: Samurai  by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso (Comic/Graphic) Added 1/19/05
"The layout of the panels is trickesy and imaginative."

Accustomed to the Dark by Walter Satterthwait (PI novel) Added 1/12/05
"...a superb writer whose excellence age cannot wither..."

Shadows at Garner Lake by Hank Kellner (Suspense) Added 1/5/05
"A nice thriller and an entertaining read..."

Deadly Behavior by Dee Sullivan (Horror/Suspense) Added 1/5/05
"Recommended for anyone who likes a little horror added to the flavor of suspense"

Shadow of the Great Owl by B. Ray Mize (Western-horror) Added 1/5/05
"...where ancient customs and beliefs  meet modern day treachery..."

Waldo Chicken Wakes the Dead by Alan Goldsmith (Mystery) Added 11/17/04
" exciting surrealistic mystery..."

Dead On by Ann Kelly (Investigative-Supernatural) Added 11/10/04
"...fluid and graceful writing..."

Predatory Bender by Mathew Lee (Thriller) Added 11/03/04
"A must read for the consumer society of this Millennium"

Master of the Game by William Tepper (Suspense) Added 10-20-04
"Psychological suspense has a new superstar..."

Mismatch by J Clayton Rogers (Mystery) Added 10/13/04 EBOOK
"...a complex and fascinating story..."

Gone Awry by DJ Parker (Mystery) Added 9/15/04
"Lots of action, twists and turns in this tale."

Luz Stella's Tale by Max Blue and Abut Wilson (Mystery) Added 9/14/04
"Good book and a solid read."

Max Conquers the Cosmos by Mark Bouton (Investigative) Added 9/1/04
" absolute stunner of an action novel...."

Tough Luck by Jason Starr (Suspense) Added 8/18
" enthralling character study...."

Too Close To Evil by Elizabeth Terrell (Suspense) Added 8/18
"The stuff Hollywood movies are made of."

Deadly Research, By George by P.J. Stelzer  (Cozy) Added 8/10
"...a cozy malice domestic that will please fans of the genre."  

The Blakewood Chronicles by P.C. Rhaven  (Fantasy) added 8/10
"...evokes sweet memories of Jules Verne’s classics and Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World."

Duck Blood Soup by Joseph Molea, MD (True) added 8/10
"I was disturbed by the book, yet happy that I read it."

Sherlock Holmes' Lost Adventure by  Lauren Steinhauer (Victorian) (added 7/14) " of the great detective will find it a fun read."

The Carnival Never Ends by Sparky Thorne (Thriller) 3 bolts (added 7/14)
"...a gentle, but captivating novel of a man trying to escape from a nightmare..."

Invitation to Valhalla by Mike Whicker (Spy Thriller) 3 bolts (Added 7/6)
"...a good old- fashioned spy thriller..." 

Crossing the Meadow by Kfir Luzzatto (Supernatural) 4 bolts (Added 6/23)
"...fine mystery, bordering on occult..."

Dreamland by Newton Thornburg (Private Investigator) 4 bolts (Added 6/23)
"...a nicely convoluted noir plot with a lot of crazy nihilistic violence..." (re-issue)

A Small Case Of Murder by Lauren Carr (Legal Thriller) 4 bolts (Added 6/23)
"...a good ‘whydunit’, rather than a whodunit."

Designed To Kill by Chester D. Campbell (Thriller) 4 bolts (Added 6/23)
"....culminating in a twist in the tale- and a totally unexpected finish."

On The Run by Michael Martin (Financial Thriller) 4 bolts (Added 6/23)
"....provides exciting reading for the lover of suspense mysteries."

Death In The Sea Of Grass by Karen Treanor (Thriller) e-book 5 bolts
(New 5/20)  "this debut work by K.R.W. Treanor is an absolute stunner!!!!!!!"

MASQUERADE  by Alex Domokos and Rita Y Toews (Thriller) e-book 4 bolts (New 5/20) "This is an excellent mystery thriller..."

Memorial Day by Harry Shannon (Investigative 5/04) 5 bolts! (NEW 5/13)
"Shannon picks apart this small desert town with finesse and grace, and gives the reader a poignant and stirring story that is also filled with suspense and just the right amount of darkness."

Free by Paul Vincent (Suspense/Thriller 10/03)  4 bolts (NEW 5/13)
"Loved the work- thoroughly enjoyed the plot pacing and novel approach. Recommended for one great evening read."

Poised To Kill by Brian Lutterman (Thriller 03/04)  4 bolts (NEW 5/5)
"Lutterman, who packed a punch with his debut novel Bound to Die, proves that he is not just a flash in the pan or a one- book wonder with Poised to Kill."

The Saracen’s Golden Armor by Hawthorne Vance (Thriller-03) 4 bolts(NEW 5/5)
"The author keeps the action thick and fast. Blended with a bit of reality and fact, a ‘what- if’ scenario is explored, The Saracen’s Golden Armor is a fiction work totally rooted in reality."

Fit For Fate by Eugene Aubrey Stratton (Thriller-08/03) 3 bolts(NEW 5/5)
"Fit for Fate is a romantic mystery.   Fit for Fate is a suspense thriller.  Fit for Fate is a novel of international intrigue."

The Jericho Flower by Stephen F. Wilcox (Mystery-1/1/02)  3 bolts (new 5/5)
"'s an engaging romp with some Runyonesque characters, and worth devoting an afternoon's reading time to."

The Scylla Hexagram by Paul Riva (Thriller 02/04)  3 bolts (NEW 5/5)
"Good financial thrillers are hard to come by- and Paul Riva is a welcome relief and pleasure to readers of financial mysteries."

Masks of Murder by C.C. Canby (Police Procedural) 3.5 bolts  (NEW 4/14)
"......exciting action in the style of James Patterson, but with a subtle noir touch, that would keep the reader intrigued and thrilled."

The Link by Dean Sourkeras (Thriller) 3 bolts  (NEW 4/14)
"I admire the author for his concept, and get the feeling that he is remarkably knowledgeable about spirituality..."

Charlie Opera by Charlie Stella (Mystery-Suspense) 4 bolts  (NEW 4/14)
"Charlie Stella has written a fast-paced-high voltage story here.  You feel you know some of these guys."

Out by Natsuo Kirino  (Thriller)  4 bolts
"Out not only gives in in-depth experience of working-class Japan, it also gives a new view of the murder mystery genre."

Death at Hallow's End by Leo Bruce (English Cozy) 3 1/2 bolts
".....will satisfy those readers who have had their fill of chain-saw murders and graphic sexual encounters."

Murder in Metropolis by  Lonnie Cruse  (Investigative) 5 bolts!
"Crisp dialogue, packed chapters and wonderfully illuminated characters make Murder in Metropolis a top-notch mystery novel with plenty of psychological and exciting elements."

The Snowman's Children by Glen Hirshberg  (Suspense)  5 bolts!
"Hirshberg writes of childhood with a graceful, tragic, and bittersweet beauty that will surely evoke memories in the most stalwart reader."

The Circle of Sodom by Pat Mullan (Political Thriller)  3 bolts
"Part Tom Clancy, part Michael Crichton The Circle of Sodom by Pat Mullan provides an entertaining and thrilling read."