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Some of our best short stories:

Slippery Slope: A Grady PI Story By Jim Sells

April short story: A diabolical twister!  

March short story: Melodie Campbell writes of an Internet friendship isn't quite what it seems!

February short story from Karen Treanor featuring the indomitable Geneva Bradford!

January Short Story: Hot Water

December Short Story: What happens when love crosses the boundaries?

October's short story from Karen Treanor: Light Perpetual!

Brand New from staff review Jim Sells is his latest in the PI Grady series!

Our September short story is a quick look what it's like to be on the other side, of the creative process that is...

July's short story blends soccer moms, cell phones, and murder!

April's short story features the great noir detective who gets caught in the crossfire looking for a girl not meant to be found...

March's short story features a tale of a whole new kind of neighborhood watch!

February 2009: The devil is landed, but could it be i'ts his final visit?

January 2009: Happy Hour: An H.W. Grady, PI Story By Jim Sells

December short story: Another fascinating who-done-it "Death On Delivery" tale!

A short story from Jonathan Lowe, KNOCK KNOCK: Democracy takes another beating!

Karen Treanor's THE EYES HAVE IT, a witty and wry look at murder featuring the spunky Geneva Bradford!

THE GOOD NEIGHBOR  Read about the feisty neighbor, a freezer full of bones, and a very hungry dog! 

Ed Lynskey featuring his delightful PI Sharon Knowles...this time investigating a suicide that looks suspiciously like murder!

Carefully Planned Coincidences by Samantha Butt
There really is no such thing as a coincedence!
(Posted 10/7/03)

A Shaggy Dog Story by Karen Treanor
A boorish husband and a good dog...which would you choose?
(Posted 9/23/03)


The Bus Ride by Sahar Sabati
Wild Imagination?  Nightmare?  Or a glimpse of the future?
(Posted 9/23/03)


A Speedy Exchange by Norris Steel
Drugs and Deals go down under the hot  Nevada sun...
(Posted 19 August 2003)

Precious Clay By Norris Steel
It only takes a minute to save a bit of history.....Ok, and a bit of guts and guns!
(posted 6/25/03)


Double Dipper by Ed Lynskey
Digging up graves doesn't quite pay the rent!
(Posted 6/19/03)


A Day at the Beach by Karen Treanor
Read the latest clever story from one of our favorite contributors, Karen Treanor!!
(Posted 5/15/03)

The Last Day  by Mark Dunphy
How would you live knowing when you'll die?
Posted 4/7/03

The Landlady by J. Broussard
Too bad everyone else is smarter than he thinks he is!
posted 4/03/03

Love Letters by J. Broussard
A convict falls in love, but is she all he ever hoped for, or the devil in disguise?
(Posted 2/20/02) 

The Phone Bill by Simon Dean
Be careful what you say....someone might be listening!
(Posted 1/24/03)

Polcum's Pulpit by Edward C. Lynskey
A teenager up to no good, or does she know more than they think? 
(Posted 1/07/03)