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Please welcome March author of the month: Preston Sturgis, Jr.


                          Shortcut Man



New Mystery Reader: Thank you for taking time with us to discuss “The Shortcut Man.” Could you share a little about the plot of the new novel? 

pgs:  The Shortcut Man is hired to find someone.  But he, himself, is the object of his search.


NMR:  You have a very interesting background. Just what is a dimensional metrologist?

pgs:  Dimensional metrology is a trade devoted to precision measurements of physical attributes and parameters.  Length, flatness, sphericity, angle, etc.  Metrologists ensure parts of precision machines and systems fit together and function as designed.


NMR: Dick Henry is a very three-dimensional character. Is he based upon someone you know or knew?

pgs:  They say all writing is autobiographical.  Dick Henry is me.  But braver and drives a cooler car.


NMR: What led you to have a porn producer as the client instead of your run-of-the-mill millionaire or CEO?

pgs:  A porn producer might have shadier acquaintances.


NMR: How much of the writing craft do you believe is learned and how much is native talent?

pgs:  I feel I was certainly given a gift.  The gift comprises 10%.  Honing the talent is the other 90%.   In order to write well you must read a lot.  Reading and writing are true joys.


NMR: The novel seems to have an updated, but familiar feel to it. Did any earlier works inspire you?

pgs:  Not directly.  But I love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, G.K. Chesterton, Michael Connolly, Elmore Leonard, Dick Francis.  And many others, of course!


NMR: Did you enjoy writing the novel? 

pgs:  Loved it.  As much as I loved the writing, though, I loved being finished.


NMR: Do you plan your story out, or do you write more from a “stream of consciousness “

pgs:  Once I know the beginning and the end, the middle takes care of itself.   


NMR: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

pgs:  Every author, finally, is on his own path.  Please yourself and you may please others.  Don’t be discouraged by others if you feel you’re right.  Don’t quit and take joy in every good sentence. 


NMR: Is there another title in the works that readers can look forward to?

pgs:  Two more Shortcut Man novels have already been written (and are being honed as we speak).   “Shortcut Man: A Tale of Two Houses,”  and “Shortcut Man: Careless People.”  But don’t hold me to the titles exactly.  Also, in a completely different direction, will be “Disconnector.”   “Disconnector,” already written (but in the honing process), is a wild tale.  Here’s a tease:  A pediatric oncologist discovers a drug that clinically separates body and soul – and no good deed goes unpunished!


NMR: Thanks, PG, it’s been a pleasure! 

pgs:  Thank you, and be well.



p.g. sturges was born in 1953 in Hollywood, CA. Punctuated by fitful interludes of school, he was subsequently occupied himself as a submarine sailor, a dimensional metrologist, a Christmas tree farmer, an optical metrologist, an author, a playwright, and a screenwriter.