Pool of Red


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"Pool of Red"

by David Tracey


The Nosy Old Woman 

“Dear God!” shouted the old woman at her window, as she looked on her neighbor’s house. She noticed a woman go out into the kitchen, the woman moved toward the man holding the knife in his hands. Within a blink of an eye, the knife was raised and came down. Just following that accident, a pool of red flowed onto the floor in plain view of the glass door.


The Postman 

The postman drops the mail on the sidewalk, as he turns ghostly white. The postman glared through the window and saw a red puddle on the wooden floor of the room. His attention is quickly hastened to the shadowy figure holding the dripping knife in hand. Too scared to let out a scream, the rather chubby postman dashes back to the sidewalk and runs beyond the fence.


The Salesman 

A driving salesman stops his vehicle. Dressed in cheap polyester, with the plaid pattern running from head to toe, not to mention the polka-dotted faint orange bowtie. As he opens his trunk to grab his briefcase, filled with useless papers that will surely be on anyone’s fireplace, he notices a pool of red in the house he is about to approach. The salesman begins to sweat; a cold and clammy feeling rushes through his body. As the sweating and the chilling feeling becomes too much, the salesman vomits onto the lawn and makes his way to the car.


The ‘Peeping Tom’ 

The man climbs up the tree, with his lucky binoculars hanging to his side as he continued upward. He settled up on a long branch, that leans out toward the road, the branch was covered in nice lush green so he would not be notice; at least until someone could look up the tree. With the binoculars in hand, the man put them over his eyes and looked toward the house. He was not quite sure what he was looking at first, but it definitely was not the house he wanted. A scream was heard, he quickly turned his binoculars to the source and saw a figure holding a knife in his hands. Startled so suddenly, the man fell out of the tree and onto the pavement of the sidewalk. Picking himself off the ground, the man hobbled toward the intersection.


The Roommates 

Inside of the house, a man with the knife looked on as he was happily chopping up vegetables for his luncheon. While whistling a tune, the man was reckless in his chopping of the foods. He began to move the knife in peculiar motions, some over the head and sideway slants; he caused some much movement that he began to move the cutting board. All the movement on the table caused the knocking over of other kitchen utensils, which triggered a domino effect. As the clamor and noise startled the woman upstairs, she screamed at the fact that her dark red, along with sugar heavy, Kool-Aid was all over the floor.