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New mystery book reviews in paperback  For our most current paperback reviews

Just You Wait
by Jane Tesh
-Private Investigator
4.5 bolts


Nantucket Five-Spot
by Steven Axelrod
4 bolts


The Magicianís Daughter
by Judith Janeway
4.5 bolts


Little Black Lies
by Sandra Block
3 bolts


Cooler Than Blood
by Robert Lane
4 bolts

Cookie's Case
by Andy Siegel
3.5 bolts


The Sirena Quest
by Michael A Kahn
4 bolts


Satanís Lullaby
by Priscilla Royal
-Historical Mystery
4.5 bolts


The Innocent Sleep
by Karen Perry
4 bolts


The Kill Switch
by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood
4 bolts


Where The Bones Are Buried
by Jeanne Matthews
4 bolts


The Black-Eyed Blond 
by Benjamin Black
4 bolts


The Accident
by Chris Pavone 
3.25 bolts


A Circle Of Wives
by Alice LaPlante 
5 bolts


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