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Check out our new section that includes additional titles that fall within our "Must Read" list including a brief synopsis. 

Lisa Unger, one of my personal favorites, does it again with the breathtaking novel of secrets, lies and betrayal when Lana Granger, a young graduate student begins babysitting a troubled boy who is either an evil genius or a manipulated innocent.  And when Lana's  closest friend disappears, the startling truth behind all these lives will come bubbling to the surface in the most shocking ways possible.  A stunner from beginning to end, this one is  not to be missed.


The Back Road, Rachel Abbott's new novel, should garner tons of fans who enjoy tales of secrets and deception that are set in the purported idyll of the white picket fences of suburbia.   It all starts with the hit and run of a young girl, an event that leads to the slow uncovering of many a loathsome secret, and ends with a bang when the truth is finally uncovered.  Enthralling all the way through, this is one to be read in one sitting if at all possible.


In Just What Kind of Mother Are You Paula Daly puts forth a spell-binding novel that will appeal to all readers of suspense, including those who are mothers, and those who are not.  When a young girl in her care goes missing, Lisa Kallisto is forced to ask just that question.  But blaming herself may not be the right direction for Lisa, as everyone in this small town is suspect, and the final truth  will shock everyone involved.


Set in Paris, Lemaitre's new novel Alex is one heck of a mind-bending ride.  All Commander Verhoeven has to go on is the report of a woman being thrown into a van in a violent abduction.  With not only who took her, but even who she is, being unknown.  But the victim is more resourceful than ever imagined, and not at all quite as helpless as what one might think.  So before you think you've got this one figured out, it won't take long for shock to set in as the twists start piling up.  Highly suspenseful, this is a great, but dark, read.   


In Bitter River, Julia Keller's excellent follow-up to her debut novel A Killing in the Hills, Keller brings back prosecuting Attorney Bell Akins in a case involving the body of a young girl found floating in West Virginia's Bitter River.  As with her previous novel, Keller brings this impoverished part of the country to life in startling detail, as well as her well drawn characters.  Wholly sympathetic and vividly rendered, this is another stellar read from this Pulitzer Prize winning author.


This outstanding first novel in the series featuring Santa Barbara PI Jaymie Zarlin will no doubt garner an immediate and faithful following.  In an investigation involving the murder of a young actress, a mentally challenged young man, and a host of the city's elite, Jaymie is forced to look beneath the lovely outer layer of Santa Barbara's more wealthy and comely trappings into a much darker and deadlier core that is anything but beautiful.  This is just the beginning in what will no doubt be a very successful series.


Durant, Wyoming's Sheriff Walt Longmire returns in yet another winning mystery featuring the wonderfully fully realized cast and crew of this long-running series.  This time out they're dealing with a questionable cult, big oil interests, and some rather interesting characters who may or may not be worshippers of both. This is the Wild West brought effortlessly into the new millennium that is filled with the perfect balance of mystery and humor.


Moving from Manhattan to small-town Texas isn't easy for the hardiest of souls, and when a wealthy woman disappears from Emily Page's new social circle, and it appears that a stalker from her past has followed her to her new home, things are only that much harder to deal with.  Beautifully written and with a cast of characters whose personalities are as big as Texas, this is another winner from author Julia Heaberlin.


It was 25 years ago that two young girls were left in charge of a toddler whose life ended tragically. What really happened that fateful day?  Once the toddler's body was found in a river, the two girls were prosecuted, not only by London's laws, but by the media as well.  Flash-forward to current day, and the girls, now women living under assumed names are once again facing catastrophe when their secrets are about to be exposed.  There's also a serial killer on the loose and he's closer than they think.  An explosive plot, wonderfully defined characters, and an ending that shocks make for one hell of a read. Easily one of the best books of the year, this exploration into how the past affects the present is both spellbinding and emotionally impacting.


Joy Castro's second outing featuring news New Orleans reporter Nola Cespedas finds this slightly dysfunctional heroine in danger yet again when she begins investigating the death of one of her college professors whose body she discovered while jogging.  Her investigation will uncover some secrets of the city's elite that will lead to some very frightening events, including more killings.  And even though Nola has cleaned up her act a bit, making her not quite as interesting, this is still a worthy read with its consuming plot and dark and musky ambience of New Orleans.


Bolton combines an unforgettable cast of characters with a fast-paced plot in her new novel featuring some of Londonís finest.  A serial killer is targeting young boys, and not only are detectives on the case, but so too is a quirky young boy and an emotionally scarred ex-policewoman.  And what readers donít know is if one of these characters is in fact the killer.  Full of heart and depth, this is another winner from a very talented author.


Cleeves brings back her wonderfully drawn character of the British detective Vera Stanhope in a case involving a dead woman whose body Vera herself discovered in her spa's steam room.  With many suspects,  not only is this a challenge for Vera, but a fun one for readers as well.  And while some might be slightly put off by this curmudgeon's personality, others will find her outspoken attitude refreshingly honest and real.


This captivating debut novel set in the Welsh country side featuring DS Glyn Capaldi is both original and full of moody ambience.  When a group of young adults go out partying and not all come back, it's up to Capaldi, recently banished to the rather remote area, to separate the good kids from the bad, a task made especially difficult with a village full of people with their own notions of who is what.  This is a series to watch with a strong main character who can easily carry any tale told.


Graves scores yet again with this new outing in her successful series featuring Jacoba Triptree, home remodeler and reluctant mystery solver, in a fast-paced read that features the murder of a young teen, multiple suspects, and the wonderfully depicted small village of Eastport, Maine heading for the storm of the century. 



Hallie Ephron has a solid handle on the domestic suspense genre.  And in her latest featuring a young woman who returns home to the outer reaches of NYC to find the neighborhood and its residents in an eerie decline,  she proves just how much.  Family drama and hidden agendas mark this latest from Ephron in a read fans will appreciate.



After her husband's suicide, life becomes increasingly difficult for prosecutor Mia Quinn as she struggles with raising two children, declining finances, and her demanding career.  And things only get more complicated when she begins to tackle the cases of a murdered co-worker and the suicide of a young teen after years of bullying.  In this first of her new series, Wiehl does an excellent job of shining a light on one of today's hottest topics, as well as realistically portraying the difficulties in being a single parent,  making this a very worthwhile read.     


Jo Bannister's latest featuring a lonely widow and his beloved dog who discover a body during one of their many walks through the city of Norbold, England is a heartfelt journey full of beautifully woven insights into the bonds that can form even when all else is lost.   Appealing characters, including rookie officer Hazel Best, and a solid mystery make this a trip worth taking.


Who wouldn't love a mystery set in the echelons of Hollywood's privileged celebrity?  Kellerman successfully returns with the dynamic duo of detective Milo Surgis and psychologist Alex Delaware who must follow a trail of wealth, madness, and privilege that reaches far into the past in order to solve the recent rash of murders in the tony neighborhoods of today's LA.



When Boston detective Tessa Leoni is called to investigate the kidnapping of a family that appeared to have it all, it doesn't take long to discover this seemingly perfect marriage packaged with wealth and a beautiful teen-aged daughter is just a facade.  This high-octane thriller from first page to last, told from viewpoints of the victims and the investigators, comes with a shocking ending that is more than satisfying.