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Simmer Down by Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant

Publisher:  Berkley Prime Crime  ISBN:  0425220893

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader

Chloe Carter has a hot new boyfriend named Josh who's cooking up a storm in the new restaurant called Simmer while she's trying to enjoy her college break in spite of having to work in a sexual harassment office.  It's a job related to her social work major and not terribly interesting or satisfying. 

Things get a little more interesting for Chloe when she attends a charity function as her boss' assistant and her boyfriend is nearby preparing delicious dishes to serve the attendees.  Everything is going fine until both their ex-lovers show up.  Then the entire function is disrupted when one of the attendees is found murdered by Chloe's boyfriend's food processor.

She is hopeful that Josh's snotty ex girlfriend is the killer since she worked for him, but really has strong doubts. The victim didn't seem the likely candidate for murder, but someone didn't like him.  The question is who and why and Chloe begins to ask questions and doesn't like the way the answers are leading her thoughts.

The talented authors Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant have created a pleasant blend of romance, food, and mystery.  Any fan of romance or mystery will find it an enjoyable read with lots of new recipes included.  Enjoy.



Dry Ice by Stephen White

Publisher: Signet  ISBN-10: 0451221001

Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

In White's latest suspense novel featuring Boulder psychologist Alan Gregory, readers are given some keen insights into what makes the good doctor tick as his past comes back to haunt him when a manipulative psychopath bent on revenge makes his escape from a mental institution.  As the criminal mastermind sets his plot into motion, Gregory will find all he loves at stake, including his family, his career, his freedom, and his very life.  And as each manipulated event spins his well-ordered life further and further out of control, secrets will be revealed - each more dangerous and destructive than the one before, bringing him and his family closer and closer to complete destruction.

Fans that have followed Dr. Gregory's travails from the beginning will be both shocked and fascinated by this complete emotional roller coaster of a ride that turns everything upside down.  In this refreshingly personal tale, the composed and well-adjusted doctor, whose near-perfection in previous outings could get a bit annoying at times, is replaced by a flesh and blood man who as vulnerably human as the next guy.  And even better, it's not just his secrets and foibles that are revealed, but those close to him as well, adding even more depth and thrills.    

And even while some aspects of the plot are questionable, especially the immediate guilt ascribed to Gregory minus any sort of rationale, this doesn't distract too much from this otherwise finely tuned tale.  This is definitely worth the read, and comes highly recommended. 



The River Knows by Amanda Quick

Publisher: Jove  ISBN:  0515144363

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader 

Attention romance and suspense fans, mystery lovers.  The River Knows is a book you will really want to read.

A young shop woman with a mysterious past enters Anthony Stalbridge's life as they are both caught prowling the upper floors of a manorhouse during a party. To prove themselves innocent when a guard accosts them, they pretend a deep interest in each other. 

This is the beginning of an affair that can cost both Anthony and Mrs. Bryce their lives if they aren't careful.  They are both interested in learning the secrets of the same man and each decides to make use of their new acquaintanceship.

One seeks answers why a young woman wound up in the river and the other seeks proof of the man's involvement in the dark side of society. Their search leads to attempted murder and their involvement in other murders.

Will they find the answers they want or will it cost them their lives? This is the question talented author Amanda Quick poses and will keep any reader glued to the page. 

I'm pleased to highly recommend this well told tale as worth the time. It is a story the reader will long remember and will want to read other books by this talented author.  Enjoy.  I sure did.



Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Publisher: Harper,  ISBN-10: 006114794X

Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

Ex-rock star Judas Coyne doesn't miss the days of fame and heavy metal, his preferences now lying more along the lines of sharing a home with his much younger lover, playing some tunes now and again, and mindlessly collecting ghoulish objects of death.   And so when he has the chance to buy the suit of a dead man, a suit the seller claims is haunted, he blithely submits the winning bid to the online auction site, not knowing that his life is about to be irrevocably changed once the suit arrives.  At first it's just a smell, but the smell soon turns to a ghostly apparition of the man who wore the suit, and when at last the apparition becomes all too violently real, Coyne will be forced to set out on a road that is filled with his past mistakes, his greatest fears and, if he's lucky, maybe another shot to do it right.

It's been a long, long time since I've read a ghost story of such chilling magnitude as is found in this all-consuming opus from Hill.  And while admittedly Hall has an unerring ability to write scenes that makes your worst nightmares seem like a picnic in the park, the true brilliance of this book is in not the horror itself, but why it even exists at all.  Somewhat reminiscent A Christmas Carol gone horribly wrong, Hall incorporates some of the same timeless themes of regrets and redemption, but with a timely heavy metal twist that brings it forward to the new millennium.  Highly recommended, but not for the light-hearted, read this one with the lights on. 



In Dublin's Fair City by Rhys Bowen

Publisher:  St. Martin's Paperbacks   ISBN:  0312997021

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader 

For any mystery fan who enjoys history, this Molly Murphy mystery will provide pleasant reading.  You will find yourself keeping it to read again to be sure you didn't miss anything on the first reading.

A series of coincidences and people send Molly back to the land of her roots--Ireland. She has been hired by a famous theatrical personality to find his lost sister as the last of his family.

Molly takes ship and, as the ship is ready to leave port, she is asked to exchange places with another woman.  This unexpected event offers income she can't afford to turn down and a  shipboard adventure she couldn't have foreseen.

Once in Ireland, Molly begins the daunting task she has undertaken, only to be kidnapped. Considering herself a hostage, she learns yet another adventure awaits her--one that could get her killed.

Talented author Rhys Bowen weaves a delightfully compelling tale from several complicated subplots grounded in Irish history. Lifelike people who could have lived these stories pull the reader along, into a tale you won't want to put down until the last page is turned.

I'm pleased to recommend this story as one you won't soon forget.  You'll be looking for other books by this very talented author.  Enjoy. I certainly did.



Set Sail for Murder by Carolyn Hart

Publisher:  Avon  ISBN: 0060724080

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader

A keeper!  This is a book you will want to enjoy more than once, one you will want to reread to see what you missed the first time.

Henrietta Collins, known as Henrie O. to her friends, is invited by an old friend to a cruise to help him protect his wife from her family. The question is why? How can a woman of her years protect anyone else, particularly someone she doesn't know?

Talented author Carolyn Hart gives us a look into the hearts and minds of her very realistic characters to share their emotions and feelings as they share the necessarily close world of ship life. There are red herrings aplenty and false trails laid to mislead the unwary as we follow Henrie O.'s efforts in figuring out who might be an enemy to her friend's wife.

I am pleased to highly recommend this book as a well-told tale that will hold your interest.  You will be looking for this imaginative author's other books.  Enjoy.  I sure did.



The Dead Place by Stephen Booth

Publisher: Bantam  ISBN-10: 0440242711

Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

While DC Ben Cooper is trying to identify the remains of a corpse found in England's picturesque countryside, his supervisor, DS Diane Fry is following up on an anonymous phone call from someone who is intimating at a possible murder.  Neither detective has much to go on, with Cooper's victim long dead and leaving little behind as to who it might be, and Fry's caller using a voice disguise and leaving ambiguous clues to why and where a death might be expected.  Might the cases be connected?  That's the question that takes a bit too long to answer.

Booth's previous outings featuring this cast have excelled when it comes to providing intelligent suspense, and this one keeps up the tradition.  However, some readers might be put off by the provocative and discomforting questions surrounding the concept of dying, as well as the intensive focus on the process of death itself.  Booth pulls no punches when it comes to describing such things as decomposition and cremation, details which prove to be a bit disturbing when described with such graphic accuracy.  But perhaps even more disturbing is how closely he brings the subject home to the reader.  So while this has plenty of thought-provoking suspense, the squeamish reader who prefers a more lighthearted touch may want to avoid this one.                



Simple Genius by David Baldacci

Publisher:  Vision  ISBN 044661873X

Reviewed by Karen Treanor, New Mystery Reader

It costs private eye Sean King $45,000 to buy his business partner Michelle out of a potential jail sentence—but that’s the easy part.  More difficult is to figure out is why she picked a fight in a bar with a guy twice her size in the first place.  Stashing Michelle in an expensive clinic to get her head sorted out, Sean grovels to an ex-girlfriend to get a freelance investigating job to pay the bills. 

While Sean’s roaming around Spook County, Virginia, trying to discover if Monk Turing died by his own hand or another’s, Michelle is doing a little gentle sleuthing at the clinic.  Michelle’s mental health may be precariously balanced, but she’s still one tough cookie.  Baldacci describes her as someone who “never had a manicure…she didn’t want anyone messing with her trigger finger.”

Michelle quickly gets bored with group therapy and wiles away some of the time by breaking a drug ring at the clinic and saving a couple of lives.  Declaring herself cured, she takes off for Virginia to help Sean.

He meanwhile has met an amazing child at Babbage Town, a secretive think tank that’s trying to invent the Next Big Thing in computers.  Viggie is a mathematical genius and daughter of the dead man, Monk Turing.  It becomes apparent that Viggie may hold the clue to something really big, something that may have resulted in Monk’s murder.

Before Sean can prove that a second death is also murder, the morgue containing both bodies, as well as the medical examiner, blows up.  The cause is supposed to be a gas leak, but Sean knows this was no accident.

The plot thickens faster than cold custard when Sean learns that the CIA ‘black ops’ facility across the river is receiving regular visits at 2 a.m. from large planes from unknown places.  Then he finds out that the facility is built on the site of an old town where there may be buried treasure from the Revolutionary War period, which suggests a different reason for Monk’s death.

Viggie is kidnapped, so of course Sean and Michelle and Michelle’s therapist break into the CIA Camp to find her.  Before long Sean and Michelle find themselves undergoing what the government recently explained isn’t really torture but sure sounds unpleasant to me.

There are a few annoying patches in the story where you suspect the publisher told Baldacci to cut another thousand words, which makes the transitions a bit abrupt.  You notice these because you’re reading at breakneck speed to find out what happens next, and you have to stop and backtrack to pick up the thread.

However, these are minor defects in what is overall a ripping good story—and a very frightening one.  Conspiracy theorists particularly will enjoy this book.




The Devil’s Footprints by Amanda Stevens

Publisher: Mira  ISBN-10: 077832530X

Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

New Orleans tattoo artist Sarah DeLaune has always been a loner, especially since the murder of her sister years before, with even her own father, friends, and neighbors treating her with suspicion and distrust ever since the tragic event.  And now, years later, as those who treat Sarah badly begin to die, Sarah can’t help but think that the young, strange man who once would appear at her most troubled times, claiming to be the sole person to understand her, might have returned and in fact be the one responsible for the new spate of killings.  But as she’s the only one who ever saw him, and to this day would be unable to identify him as he always hid his identity behind a ghostly mask, she once again faces the suspicion falling on her with each new death.  And with her history of disturbing black-outs, the question remains: did he ever really exist, or is she herself responsible for the ghastly murders that seem to follow her no matter where she goes?

If you like your reads to be creepy, challenging, and a bit unusual, this latest from Stevens easily provides all that and more, with her well rounded characters and a number of unexpected twists making this an exciting read throughout.  And even though she dares to go into a territory that in many hands would be a bit far-fetched, she does such a thorough job of anticipating possible reasons for the reader’s disbelief, that she makes it easy to follow her convincing lead down trails unexpected.  A talented new author that once again does a bang-up job of providing suspense and entertainment in dosage that’s easy and chillingly fun to swallow.



Sliver of Truth by Lisa Unger

Publisher: Three Rivers Press  ISBN-10: 0307338495

Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

In her follow-up to Beautiful Lies, Unger brings back Ridley Jones, a young New Yorker who had unraveled a deep conspiracy involving her past, her very own identity, and a string of illegal adoptions, an unraveling of secrets that almost got her killed.  But, now, instead of feeling comfortable with the answers she did find, she instead feels haunted by the many questions that remain unanswered, especially after she's confronted by an FBI agent who has pictures of her being trailed by a man who looks eerily familiar, and one who was assumed dead.  So, once again, she sets out on a treacherous course to uncover the remaining secrets that surround her very own identity as well as the identities of those close to her, finding that nothing or nobody is what she thought, and the lies still dangerously outnumber the truth.

While those readers who had the pleasure of experiencing Unger's first title will easily pick up where that one left off; unfortunately, those who didn’t might feel a bit lost at times in this follow up, with many of the preceding events being referred to but not completely explained for the uninitiated.  However, this is still a riveting story, and Ridley's character is once again expertly drawn.  And while Unger does take a couple of far-fetched leaps into the deep end with the plot near the end, that does little to detract from the quality of the book in its entirety.   Overall, Unger provides the reader with an intriguing and heartfelt story, and one that satisfies some of the unanswered questions that remained from her last.  Unger is a talented and forceful writer, and one we hope to see again soon.            



A Crazy Little Thing Called Death by Nancy Martin

Publisher: Signet  ISBN: 045122082X

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader

Three Blackbird sisters are looking for love and one, Nora, seems to have found it.  But will it survive her social set's disapproval and her fiancé's family connections?  The man is an absolute magnet for trouble because of his name.

Problems increase for Nora when she becomes involved in trying to figure out if Penny Devine is dead or not.  Whose hand did she find on a path?  Is it Penny's?

More problems arise when Nora's sister starts planning a wedding for her, then the attempts on her fiancé's life add to Nora's problems along with the reappearance of a polo player from her past. 

Talented author Nancy Martin weaves several fun subplots into a solid tale you will enjoy.  Lots of suspense and action with good humor thrown into the mix to keep you happily reading.  I recommend this as a fun read that will have you looking for other books by this imaginative author.  Enjoy.  I did.



Deep Storm by Lincoln Child

Publisher: Anchor  ISBN: 1400095476

Reviewed by Jake Chism, New Mystery Reader

Lincoln Child has created another brilliantly addicting novel that is
sure to keep the pages churning. Dr. Peter Crane arrives on the Storm
King oil platform in the North Sea eager to discover the reason his
expertise is needed. He quickly learns that he is actually being
recruited to help diagnose a medical condition that is affecting the
inhabitants of a top-secret, underwater scientific research facility
that is located on the ocean floor below Storm King. The research
facility is known as Deep Storm. Crane makes the descent to Deep Storm
and en route he is informed that Deep Storm's purpose is to excavate the
recently discovered lost-city of Atlantis.

Crane is thrilled at this opportunity to be a part of history and
quickly settles into his new role with the medical staff on Deep Storm.
As Crane begins to treat the mysteriously ill workers and staff of the
facility, he stumbles upon a shocking discovery that may have deadly
global consequences. Crane is suddenly thrown into a dangerous power
struggle as he fights to reveal the secrets of Deep Storm before it's
too late.

Lincoln Child successfully combines suspense, intrigue, adventure, and
incredibly detailed scientific knowledge into an unforgettable tale that
will have your heart pounding. The complexity and detail of the Deep
Storm facility will blow your mind. Child is a creative genius in his
craft, and he consistently finds away to convince his readers that this
impossible is possible. A must read!



All's Well That Ends by Gillian Roberts

Publisher:  Ballentine Books,  ISBN 978 0 345 480228

Reviewed By Karen Treanor, New Mystery Reader

This is a book for word junkies: you’ll pick up more new and unusual words here than in a summer school course in etymology. 

Teacher Amanda Pepper is still doing her apprenticeship in husband Mackenzie’s private investigation firm, juggling a full-time teaching load at Philly Prep, and being called on by needy friends to help with their problems.

This time the friend is Sasha, who is convinced that her stepmother’s suicide is fishy, and that something criminal is going on.  Roped in to help sort out the huge number of tschotchkes (wonderful word, we should use more Yiddish) in Phoebe’s house, Amanda is eventually convinced that maybe the death wasn’t suicide.  It takes another death, that of the amazing Toy Rasmussen, a house ‘stager’, to get the police even mildly interested in Sasha’s theory.

Back at the prep school, Amanda is trying to encourage a love of English—or at least a nodding acquaintance—in her students, and coping with the daily ambush by Miss Codd, the new secretary, whose life’s mission is the resurrection and use of archaic words.  There’s a mystery at school, also: the disappearance of money collected by students to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Could the sudden wave of gambling at the school be somehow tied up with this?

The two story lines cross when Amanda discovers that one of her troubled students’ father was involved with the late Phoebe—but not in the way she initially suspects.  Things become more complicated when it is learned that Toy was very, very close with Dennis, Sasha’s erstwhile stepbrother, and that they had tried to take out a mortgage on Phoebe’s house.  You will find yourself hoping that the loathsome Dennis is the murderer.

Everything ends in a whirlwind of agathism for Amanda and Sasha.  You can spend a very pleasant afternoon with this book, as well as acquire some Scrabble words you’d never even imagined.



Bangkok Laws by Jim Michael Hansen

Publisher:  Dark Sky Publishing, Inc.  ISBN:  13: 9780976924319

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader

If you’re planning to travel to Bangkok to sample some of the sleazy and forbidden entertainments found there, beware that it doesn’t cost more than you are willing to pay.  Like Alan Ewing did.

It’s his mysterious murder that brings Bryson Coventry into contact with a lovely P.I. who deliberately seeks him out.  The question is why? Would you trust her? Would you trust her story? Is she as she appears to be?  Where will she lead Bryson and the reader who follow so willingly?

Familiar characters who will be easily recalled from other “Laws” stories guide us into the realm of shady dealings by an international law firm where almost any fantasy or case can be won by manipulating people.  Bangkok Laws is a study of methods of revenge by victims of this firm.

Highly recommended as a tale you will have to finish once you begin to read. Talented author Jim Michael Hansen has woven a fascinating plot from several subplots to satisfy even the pickiest thriller fan.  Action aplenty with false trails and red herrings to draw the reader into dead ends and keep us trying to out guess the villains who do what they do sooo well.  A book guaranteed to hold your attention and provide you with reading satisfaction.  Enjoy.  I sure did. (But a warning to the girls, don’t travel to Bangkok unescorted.)


Virgin Lies by Roderick Anscombe

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperback  ISBN-10: 031294750X

Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

Criminal psychologist Paul Lucas is an expert on all kinds of madness, his ability to wrench the secrets out of both the innocent and the criminally minded well known.  So when his own wife asks him to help interview witnesses and suspects connected with the disappearance of young girl she has close ties with, he jumps at the opportunity, hoping not only that it will help find the young girl, but also mend some of the ever -widening rifts in his failing marriage.

Finding who is responsible, however, will prove to be the easy part; it's getting the answers to where the young girl is that will be the true test.  And with the clock ticking, Lucas will have to make some heavy decisions on just how far he's willing to go and how many lines he's willing to cross to get the answers needed to save her life, decisions once made that could forever change everything.

While the second in Anscombe's new series featuring Dr. Lucas is as astutely conceived and gripping as the first, his foray into the criminal mind and all matters of deceit remaining both convincing and compelling, other aspects of this latest might seem a little dubious to some.  And even though he does pose some provocative and challenging questions, particularly in reference to the importance of maintaining strict principles in the face of impending disaster, both the context and the possible conclusions are a bit too extreme for the average reader to realistically relate to.  But, this is why they call it fiction.  Ultimately, Dr. Lucas is a fascinating character we'd love to see again, and after the shocking roads he's traveled this time, it'd be great to see where he goes next.               



Obsession by Jonathan Kellerman

Publisher: Ballantine Books  ISBN-10: 034545264X

Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

LA psychologist Alex Delaware is back, along with his sidekick detective Milo Sturgis, to solve another case of murder, this one dating back years and just possibly the toughest case these two have ever had. 

When Alex is first approached by an ex-client, a young woman who claims that her mother's dying words were a confession to a role she played in a serious crime years before, Alex has his doubts that the deceased, who many considered a saint, could have possibly been involved anything nefarious. 

Compelled by the young woman's insistence, Alex begins to investigate without even knowing who was involved, when it happened, and what the crime might have been.  But the further Alex digs, the more dangerous it gets, as the secrets he uncovers reveal a deadly truth that those involved will kill to keep buried.

With this latest, Kellerman returns to the challenging and imaginatively devised type of suspense that made him a household name years ago.  After more than one outing that mainly consisted of the endless suppositions of his characters while stuck in traffic, he's back with a tale that features an investigation that is both energetic and inventive; the supposition at last left for the reader to contemplate on their own rather than continuously being told precisely what the possibilities consist of.  It makes a difference, and this engaging and dynamic tale is just the right thing to reel readers back into the game.    



High Profile by Robert B. Parker

Publisher: Berkley; ISBN 0425206092

Reviewed by Don Crouch, New Mystery Reader

Many will probably consider High Profile more of a "soap opera" than a mystery, since Parker seems to be more concerned with the whole Jesse Stone/Jenn Stone/Sunny Randall romantic dynamic then with telling any kind of crime tale. There is crime, of course, and it is solved, but the major underpinnings of the book appear to be how these three interesting, flawed characters, who all have enough baggage for a month in Europe, will figure out how to be with each other.

So, the crime--well, it involves a "maverick talk show host" who is found murdered, hanging from a tree.  Not long after that, his Personal Assistant is discovered in a dumpster. And she, is of course, pregnant. Oooh!

With a near-universe of suspects, Jesse is off and running, with nascent-detective "Suitcase" Simpson, and the ever-entertaining Molly Crane in tow.  We get to know the bodyguard, the assistant, the lawyer, and the numerous ex-and-soon-to-be-ex-wives. None of them particularly admirable, and all with solid alibis. Hmmm.

This case interferes with Jesse being able to protect his very troubled ex-wife Jenn, who tells him she's been raped and is being stalked by her rapist. Jesse is faced with a dilemma--do his job or take care of a woman he loves--so he does what we would all do, he calls in his girlfriend, PI Sunny Randall, to protect and serve his ex-wife. Yeesh!!

Parker puts the two plots in place seamlessly of course; his mastery of such things is unequalled.  We learn a lot about Jesse as Sunny and Jenn get to know each other, and we chuckle with a sense of dread when Sunny brings in her pal Spike to muscle up the situation. And of course, there's Rosie, who is clearly the best-characterized dog in crime fiction. Woof!!

But the big win for the readers in High Profile the way Jesse Stone brings his office team into the investigation, much more than in previous books.  "Suitcase" Simpson has learned to take no crap from Jesse, or at least to give it right back.  And Molly Crane, well, she's just plain yummy. Smart, sexy, capable and motherly.  She is all these things while being the "good girl" of the group. Not so hard, maybe, when Jenn is obviously not.  And Sunny...well, she's just confused.

It all adds up for very entertaining, if not very significant, reading for Parker fans. Those that aren't of that club will find much to dislike, probably. But who cares, eh? High Profile could very well be called a "place holder" in the world of Paradise, Mass., but it's still better than most series books out there.



The Altar Boys by John M. Poswall

Publishers: Jullundur Press, Golden Temple Publications  ISBN: 9780972999250

Reviewed by Narayan Radhakrishnan, New Mystery Reader

About 5 years back I reviewed for this Journal, a classic in legal fiction THE LAWYERS: CLASS OF ’69. It was a debut work by a lawyer, a novel that echoed nostalgia all throughout. Five former classmates at Berkley Law School meet at their thirtieth reunion. They had first met as law students in Berkley, from different cultures, from different backgrounds, but with high ambitions and high ideals. But thirty years later they ask themselves a question- whether they changed anything, or did they themselves change. The novel was a grand read, reminiscent of Scott Turow’s LAWS OF OUR FATHERS.

But this time round, Poswall- offers a nitty-gritty read that is suspense, suspense, and then even more suspense, throughout.  Poswall mixes two potent, deadly substances in this thriller- law and religion. And not since INHERIT THE WIND (by Jerome Lawrence) have I read a novel that pacts a courtroom punch as this one. Set in the background of a sexual abuse case surrounding a priest brought in by the parents of some altar boys, the novel re-introduces J.J. Rai, the attorney whom we first met in THE LAWYERS CLASS OF ’69.  And Rai has transcended this case to another level- and though the priest is the de facto accused, Rai’s intention is clear- he wants to prosecute God. And with his daughter (a law student) looking on, Rai has some provocative points to prove. What follows is jam-packed action, psychological and legal chills and thrills culminating in a grandiose finish. 

And Mr. Poswall if you are reading this review- just one simple question- when is the movie coming out???????  Recommended, highly recommended.



The Dead Room by Heather Graham

Publisher: Mira   ISBN-10: 0778325202

Reviewed by Donna Padilla, New Mystery Reader 

Archeologist Leslie MacIntyre survived the explosion at the Hastings house but her fiancé Matt Connolly was killed, leaving her with nothing but the odd after-affect of being able to talk to the dead.  And a year later, returning to the Hastings House to uncover a burial ground in one of the many layers under New York City, while Matt will visit in her dreams, it's his cousin Joe, a private investigator, who is there to help investigate.  And when Leslie gets the "feeling" that a number of prostitutes who have disappeared are buried under the city, she begins to have near fatal accidents, and it'll be up to her and Joe to find out who the killer is before one of those accidents claims her life.

Heather Graham has a gift for creating characters that touch your emotions and plots you can sink your teeth into for the ultimate thrill.  And in this latest, as always, is yet another tightly woven tale with enough twists and turns that when combined with the sweet underlying story of romance will keep you glued to the pages and hooked until the very end.