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December 2003:

Bluebird Rising by John DeCure  (Legal thriller)  3 bolts

Buried Diamonds by April Henry  (Cozy series)  4 bolts

Charlie Opera by Charlie Stella (Mystery-Suspense)  4 bolts

The Devil's Acre by David Holland (Historical)  4 bolts

Fatal Remains by Eleanor T. Bland (Investigative)  3 bolts

Max Conquers the Cosmos by Mark Bouton (Investigative) 4 bolts

The Outcast Dove by Sharan Newman (Historical) 4 bolts

The Weaver and the Factory Maid by Deborah Grabien (Cozy Series)  3 1/2 bolts


November 2003:

A Discount For Death by Steven Havill  4 bolts

Barbados Heat by Don Burns  3 bolts

The Doctor Dines in Prague by Robin Hathaway  3 bolts

Fogbound by Joseph Klempner  3 1/2 bolts

Irish Coffee by Ralph IcInerny  4 bolts

Last Boat to Camden Town by Paul Charles 3 1/2 bolts

The Man Who Risked His Partner by Stephen R. Donaldson  3 bolts

Up In Smoke by Charlene Weir  4 1/2 bolts


October 2003:

Blind Eye by John Morgan Wilson  5 bolts (interview included)!

Breakthrough by Jonathan Stone  5 bolts (Interview included!)

Eye of the Abyss by Marshall Brown  4 bolts

Heat Shock by Robert O. Greer  5 bolts!

Lie Still by David Farris  4 bolts (Interview included!)

Masks of Murder by C.C. Canby (Police Procedural) 3.5 bolts

Red White and Blue Murder by Bill Crider  3 1/2 bolts

Something Might Happen by Julie Myerson  3 1/2 bolts


September 2003:

A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter  5 bolts! (Featured Author)

A Place of Safety by Natasha Cooper  4 bolts

American Roulette by Richard Marcus  5 bolts!

Death at the Door by K.C. Greenlief  3 bolts

DreadfulWater Shows Up by Hartley GoodWeather  3 1/2 bolts

Ghost Eater by Frederick Highland  3 bolts

The Hell Screen by I.J. Parker  4 bolts

Old Scores by Scott Mackay  3 1/2 bolts

Tears of the Cheetah by Dr. Stephen J. O'Brien  5 bolts!


August 2003:

The Night Calls by David Pirie  4 bolts

Postcards From Berlin by Margaret Leroy  3 1/2 bolts

Unauthorized Departure by Maureen O'Brien  4 bolts


July 2003:

The Awakening by Donna Boyd 4 bolts

The Cure by Jack D. Hunter  4 bolts

A Fractured Truth by Caroline Slate  4 bolts

Grave Circle by David D. Nolta  3 1/2 bolts

The Serpent's Kill by Mark T. Sullivan  4 1/2 bolts


June 2003:

Innocence by Karen Novak  5 bolts (Interview included!)


May 2003:

Land of the Blind by Jess Walter   5 bolts  (Interview included)

Land of the Living by Nicci French  5 bolts (interview included)


January 2003:

Hindsight by Barbara Rogan  5 bolts  (interview included!)

The Kingmaker by Brian Haig  4 bolts

She's Not There  by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith 5 bolts (interview!)



Blackwater Tango  by Lisa Polisar  5 bolts Interview included!

Raymond Chandler: The Complete Works in Three Volumes

The Shooting Gallery  by Joseph Trigoboff  4 bolts

Resolution    by Denise Mina    5 bolts

Bones in the Attic  by  Robert Barnard   3 bolts

Kiss It Goodbye by John Wessel  3 bolts