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Spotlight Reviews:


Die Again
by Tess Gerritsen




Long Way Home
by Louise Penny




No Safe House
by Linwood Barclay




Stay With Me
by Alison Gaylin




Grind Joint
by Dana King




Devil in the Hole
by Charles Salzberg




by Charlie Huston




The Fame Thief
by Timothy Hallinan




A Small Sacrifice
by Dana King



Additional Notable New Titles On Our New 'Must Read' List! 

Read an exciting interview with Declan Burke!






Meltzer answers a couple of questions regarding his new title





Spotlight Reviews


Reconstructing Amelia
by Kimberly McCreight





Burning Air
by Erin Kelly





Worst Enemies
by Dana King




by Stuart Neville




The Beautiful Mystery
by Louise Penny





Burning Man
by Alan Russell




Books To Die For
edited by John Connolly and Declan Burke



The Fear Artist
by Timothy Hallinan




Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby
by Ace Atkins






Read what Joy Castro has to say about her first fictional novel, Hell or High Water!

Please welcome Louise Millar, author of the domestic suspense thriller PLAYDATE

Featured author: Steve Berry

Tumblin’ Dice by John McFetridge

Featured author: Paul Levine

Featured author John McFetridge!

Featured author:  Alison Gaylin!

March spotlight review Defending Jacob by William Landy

Gideon’s Corpse by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Read the interview with our current author, Dana King!

Review of our featured author Dana King's new title Wild Bill!





The Drop A Harry Bosch Novel by Michael Connelly (Spotlight review)

Featured author: Leighton Gage!

Read the review of our own Karen Treanor's new Geneva Bradford  mystery!



September/October Events:

Please welcome Emily Arsenault, our September/ October featured author!

September Spotlight Review: Liquid Smoke by Jeff Shelby


July/August Events:

Featured author: Frank Zafiro!

Learn about University of Minnesota Press's great series called Minnesota Mysteries!

August Spotlight Review: No Rest For The Dead edited by Andrew F. Gulli, et al

July Spotlight Review: You're next by Gregg Hurwitz


June Events:

June featured author: Steve Hamilton!

Our June short story features another exciting adventure of PI Grady!

June Spotlight Review:  Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson



May Events:

May author: Clare O'Donohue!

Read about staff reviewer Jim Sell's new title Limelight!

May spotlight review: Sixkill: A Spenser Novel by Robery B. Parker Parker


April Events:

April author: Hallie Ephron!

April short story: A diabolical twister!

In this special piece for New Mystery Reader, Tony Hays, author of THE BELOVED DEAD, shares his first mystery.


March Events:

March author of the month: Preston Sturgis, Jr.

March short story: Melodie Campbell writes of an Internet friendship that isn't quite what it seems!

March spotlight Review:  The Diviner’s Tale by Bradford Morrow


February Events:

February featured author: Elly Griffiths!

February short story from Karen Treanor featuring the indomitable Geneva Bradford!

February spotlight Review: Three Seconds by Roslund & Hellstrom


January Events:

January featured author: Erin Kelly!

January short story from Melodie Campbell:  HOT WATER!

January Spotlight Review: The Sentry: A Joe Pike Novel by Robert Crais



December Events:

Our December featured author:  Lori Armstrong

December Short Story:
What happens when love crosses the boundaries?

by Melodie Campbell


November Events:

November's featured author: Tom Franklin!

November Spotlight Review:  Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin


October Events:

October's featured author: Wendy Corsi Staub!

October short story from Karen Treanor: Light Perpetual - a suspenseful tale of the darkness of the mind...



September Events:

September featured author: Jilliane Hoffman

September Spotlight Review:  Pretty Little Things by Jilliane Hoffman


August Events:

August featured author: Rebecca James

August Spotlight Review: Fragile by Lisa Unger

Special August feature:
Review of our own staff member's new title!

Shadows over Paradise
by Anne K. Edwards


July Events:

July's featured author: Sandi Ault!

July's Spotlight Review:
Thrillers: 100 Must Reads
Edited by David Morrell & Hank Wagner


June Events:

June featured author: Gabriel Cohen!

June's spotlight review:
The Ninth Step
by Gabriel Cohen


May Events:

May's featured author: John Vorhaus!

Brand New from staff review Jim Sells is his latest in the PI Grady series!


April Events:

April author of the month: Charlie Stella!

April featured review: Johnny Porno
For Review

For Interview


March Events:

Our first featured author for March: John McFetridge!

Our second featured author for March: Staff Reviewer, Karen Treanor!

March featured review:
For Review
For Interview



May Events:

May's featured author: John Vorhaus!

Brand New from staff review Jim Sells is his latest in the PI Grady series!


April Events:

April author of the month: Charlie Stella!

April featured review: Johnny Porno For Review  /  For Interview


March Events:

Our first featured author for March: John McFetridge!

Our second featured author for March: Staff Reviewer, Karen Treanor!

March featured review: For Review  / For Interview


February Events:

 February's author of the month: Kerry Greenwood!


January Events:

January's featured author: Ken Bruen!

January's short story:
"The Visit"...a chilly winter tale from Sherry Isaac. 

January Spotlight Review: Watchlist by Jeffrey Deaver, et al.



December Events:

December's featured author: Tom Piccirilli!

December spotlight review: Ken Bruen's re-release of London Boulevard - a classic that is headed for Hollywood!


November Events:

November featured author:  James D. Doss

November Spotlight Review: Blood's a Rover by James Ellroy


October Events:

October featured author: Dan Chaon!

October spotlight Review: The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny


September Events:

September featured author: Brian Freeman!

Our September short story is a quick look what it's like to be on the other side, of the creative process that is...

September Spotlight Review: A Duty to the Dead by Charles Todd


August Events:

August featured author: Theresa Schwegel!

Atlanta PI Grady continues his adventures in our August short story!

August Spotlight Reviews: Trust Me by Jeff Abbott
Read both reviews!

Another Special August Review: Breathing Water by Timothy Hallinan


July Events:

July's featured author:  Blake Crouch!

July's short story humorously mixes soccer moms, cell phones, and murder!

July's spotlight review: Abandon by Blake Crouch


June Events: 

June's featured author: William Dietrich!

June Spotlight Review: The Last Child by John Hart


May Events:

May's featured author: Adrian McKinty!

May Spotlight Review! Fifty Grand by Adrian McKinty


April Events:

April's author of the month: Peter Robinson!

April's short story features a great noir detective looking for something precious.

April Spotlight Review: Shatter by Michael Robotham!


March Events:

Please welcome March's featured author: Kevin O'Brien!

March's short story features a tale of a whole new kind of neighborhood watch!

March spotlight review: Shanghai Moon by S. J. Rozan 


February Events:

Please welcome February's featured author: James Grippando!

February's short story: The devil is landed, but could it be it's his final visit?

February spotlight review: A Darker Domain by Val McDermid

February Audio Buzz with Jonathan Lowe, including a brief interview with Nelson DeMille

Bonus interview with thriller author Ted Bell from Jonathan Lowe!



January Events:

Please welcome January's featured author: Sean Chercover!

January short story: A noirish spin on happy hour featuring PI H.W. Grady


December Events:

December's author of the month:  Mark Billingham!

December short story: Another fascinating who-done-it "Death On Delivery" tale!

December Spotlight review: The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly


November Events:

November featured author: George Shuman!

When it's time to lay a marriage to rest, there's more than one way to say good night...

November spotlight review: Trigger City by Sean Chercover
Interview with Sean Chercover

Another November spotlight review:  In the Dark by Mark Billingham


October Events:

October featured author:  Jonathan Segura!

See if you can solve this mystery of a man in two places at once!



September Events:

September featured author: Declan Burke!

September's featured story: a woman scorned takes her revenge!

September spotlight review: The Big O by Delcan Burke



August Events:

August featured author: Chris Grabenstein!

August short story: A young girl goes missing...why, and where has she gone?

August Spotlight Review: Fractured by Karin Slaughter


July Events:

July featured author:  Timothy Hallinan!

July's short story from Jonathan Lowe, KNOCK KNOCK: Democracy takes another beating!

July spotlight review: Chasing Darkness by Robert Crais

Another July spotlight review:  What Was Lost by Catherine O’Flynn


June Events:

June featured author:Duane Swierczynski!

June's featured short story: Peeping Jim!  
Just what did this peeper really see??

June spotlight review: Old School Bones by Randall Peffer


May Events:

May featured author:  Libby Fischer Hellmann!

May's featured short story: Strike Out!  Baseball and crime, what a mix...

May Spotlight Review: Careless In Red by Elizabeth George


April Events:

April featured author: Declan Hughes

April's featured article comes from Penny Warner; an amusing account of book signings!

April spotlight review:  Hollywood Crows by Joseph Wambaugh


March Events:

March featured author: Cornelia Read!

March's short story: Can this amateur sleuth solve the mystery once again using only her cunning wits?  

March spotlight review:  The Price of Blood by Declan Hughes

March spotlight review: Stranger In Paradise by Robert B. Parker


February Events:

February featured author: Marcus Sakey!

February's short story is a great who-done-it that invites readers to play along!


January Events:

January's featured author: Gabriel Cohen! 

January's short story brings us another howlingly funny visit with Mr. Death!

January spotlight novel: They Did It With Love



December Events:

December's featured author: Lori G. Armstrong!

December spotlight review: Terminal by Andrew Vachss

New Mystery Reader's first full-length movie review - BROKEN. 


November Events:

November featured author: Mark Gimenez!

November's short story: The Cursed Vampire

November spotlight review: STONE COLD


October Events:

October featured author: Linwood Barclay!

Also for October, an interview with Maxine Paetro, James Pattersons' co-author of the Woman's Murder Club series!

Spotlight Review: Blonde Faith by Walter Mosley


September Events:

September featured author: Michael Marshall Smith!

September/August spotlight review:   The Intruders by Michael Marshall


August Events:

Please welcome our August featured author: Joseph Finder

Our August short story: A tale of dear old Grandma and her dastardly deeds!


July Events:

July Featured Author: Alafair Burke

July's short story: Atoner; what happens when a PI is just a little too smart for her own good!

July spotlight review: Innocence by David Hosp


June Events:

Please welcome June's author of the month award winning Louise Penny!

June's short story: Flamewar, when madness meets cyberspace!

June spotlight Review: The Good Guy by Dean Koontz


May Events:

May featured author: Craig Johnson

A humorous tale of what happens when Death hires a detective! 

Spotlight review: The Color of Blood by Declan Hughes


April Events:

April featured author: Terri Persons

April's short story: A Prickly Case....a delightful amateur sleuth discovers things are not quite what they seem!

Spotlight Review, including a brief interview with author Michael J.  Diamondstein, Cloaked In Doubt!


March Events:

March author of the month:  Laura Lippman

March's short story of the month, Death and the Detective, humorously twisted!

March Spotlight review: The Watchman by Robert Crais


February Events:

Please welcome our featured author for February: Debut novelist Patry Francis with her first title, Liar's Diary!

February's short story reminds us that our enemies are often closer then we think.

February spotlight review:  In This Rain by S.J. Rozan 

2007 Edgar Allan Poe Award Nominees!


January Events:

New Mystery Reader presents 2 brief snapshot interviews this month: 

January Snapshot: Scott Turow

January Snapshot: Jeffrey Archer

January Spotlight Review:
Defending Violet by Jennifer Louise Jefferson


December Events:

December featured author:
Mark Arsenault


December Spotlight review:
Gravewriter by Mark Arsenault


December short story:
Fringe Benefits


November Events:

November Featured author:
Carol Lea Benjamin


November Review of the month:
The Hidden Assassins by Robert Wilson


November's short story: The Prey!



October Events:

October featured author: Michael Connelly !

October review of the month:
Echo Park by Michael Connelly

Instead of our monthly short story, please enjoy Dana King's review of a republished  title that deserves a second look!


September Events:

September featured author, Dianne Emley talks about her  stunning new suspense series!

September short story:  The Waiting Room, where  even death has its own set of rules.  

Something special for September is an in- depth look at the works of Parameswaran Nair, one of India's first legal thriller authors, including an exciting interview!


August Events:

August featured author: George Pelecanos!

 August short story:  A beautiful and riveting tale of love from afar!

August spotlight review: The Night Gardener 
by George Pelecanos


July Events:

July featured author: Erica Spindler

July's short story combines a bit of lunch, shopping and, of course, a very deadly desert!

July spotlight review: Blue Screen by Robert B. Parker


June Events:

June featured author: Joseph Finder, creator  of the New York Time's bestseller, Killer Instinct!  

June's short story is a frightening look at a future where science is but a memory....

June spotlight review:   The Hard Way by Lee Child


May Events:

May featured author:  Lisa Unger brings us her breakout novel, Beautiful Lies!

Get an inside glimpse of Karen Treanor's new title, The Angelus Ghost!

May Review:  Harlan Coben's exciting new Myron Bolitar mystery, Promise Me!


April Events:

April author of the month:  Lois Gilbert!

Check out the International Thriller Award Nominees


March Events:

March author of the month:  Michael Prescott!

March Spotlight Review: Sea Change by Robert Parker

Our March short story explores a writer's actions who has run out of ideas for his murderous fiction...


February Events:

February author of the month: Michele Martinez!

February Short Story:  Granny has some secrets, showing you're never too old to play the game!

February Spotlight Review:  Road to Purgatory and Road to Paradise by Max Allen Collins

Short Article: A humorous look at the truth from Legal Thriller author Paul Levine


January Events:

January featured author J. Carson Black talks about her new series!

January's short story from Anne K. Edwards, a haunting story of a man and his horse.


December Events:

December's short story from Anne K. Edwards, a young woman's idea of catching the last train out.

Spotlight Review for December: 
Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her

For die hard fans of mystery:  Five Christmas Gift Suggestions 


November Events:

November's featured author is Jim Hansen, author of the upcoming legal thriller, NIGHT LAWS

November Short Story, The Inheritance, sometimes death and deceit go hand in hand!

Spotlight Review for November: Fiddlers by Ed McBain


October Events:

October featured author is David Morrell, creator of Creepers, a stunning new novel on urban exploration!

Read Dana King's mock interview:  it's a riot!


September Events:

September featured author is John Connolly!

September short story is a chilling account of murder from Mayra Calvani !

Spotlight Review:  Blood on the Leaves by Jeff Stetson!


August Events:

August author of the month, Denisa Mina!

August short story, THE PERFECT MURDER, from Kathy VanWey!

A fine and fitting good-bye tribute to Ed McBain from long-time fan, Dana King.


July Events:

July's author of the month is Elizabeth Benedict, creator of the stunning new break-out thriller, The Practice of Deceit!

In honor of Wimbledon, July spotlight review: Otto Penzler's, Murder is My Racquet, as reviewed by Paul Kane. 

July's short story, Hail Mary, from our staff reviewer Dana King, is a humorous take on the ending of a marriage, and a life.


June Events:

Our June author of the month is William Lashner, author of the legal thriller, Falls the Shadow!

June review of the month, Dana King explores Connelly's latest thriller, Black Angel!

Our short story for June comes from reader David interesting look at perception.


May Events:

May author: Michael Robotham with his American debut of his engrossing novel, Suspect

Our May short story: Food Noir, an amusing and wry take on food and mystery from Dana King. 

Spotlight review for May: Agatha Christie-A Reader's Companion, reviewed by Paul Kane


April Events:

April Author of the month:
Victor Gischler, author of the new novel, Suicide Squeeze

April's short story told through a loving couple's emails reveals that it doesn't take much to solve a pesky problem. 

Tim Davis discusses Jance's new title, along with some interesting info on the author herself in this spotlight review for April!


March Events:

Robert Crais, author of the exciting Elvis Cole series!

Short story for March:  Skeletons in the Closet 

Spotlight review for March: Lovecraft: Tales as reviewed by Tim Davis

Also for March is the in-depth review of Otto Penzler's latest anthology of short stories: Dangerous Women, reviewed by Paul Kane


February Events:

February featured author:
William Bernhardt, a long time favorite of New Mystery Reader!

February's short story:
No Strings Attached, by Kathy VanWey.  The things that people will do for some spending money...  


January Events:   

Our January author of the month: James Hall, creator of the sure to be blockbuster of the year; Forest of the Night

January's short story comes our way from Kelly Ann Fitzpatrick...chock full of intrigue, double dealing and a wonderful surprise ending!

Spotlight review for January: An outing from the UK called The Lonely Dead by Michael Marshall and reviewed by Paul Kane


December Events:

December's author is Stephanie Kane, creator of the exciting and innovative series featuring defense attorney Jackie Flowers!

Another great short story from Kathy VanWey for December...a wry and funny look at the beauty of revenge!


November Events:

Our November author, Marianne Wesson,  creator of the stunning new legal thriller, CHILLING EFFECT!

November's short story, written by author Lisa Polisar; Three Measures Rest, a dynamite tale of murder!


October Events:

Our October author of the month is Frank Devlin, with his first suspense outing entitled "Love in all the Wrong Places"!!

Our October short story comes from Kathy VanWey ...murderous thoughts can go two ways.

Spotlight Review: Mr. Paradise by Elmore Leonard.  Reviewed by Paul Kane.


September Events:

Author for September:  Kevin O'Brien, author of several heart-pounding thrillers!

Karen Treanor, one of our top reviewers has a new book out....check out the great review!

Our September spotlight review:
The Return of the Dancing Master by Henning Mankell as reviewed by Stan Izen!


August Events:

Author for July/August:  Keith Ablow, author of the stunning series featuring forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevenger!

Our August short story comes from Kathy VanWey ....Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie ... Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...


July Events:

Our short story for the month of July comes from Stephen D. Rogers about a real estate agent who does more than sell houses!

Where Are All The Missing People: An article by  Marti Talbott


June Events:

Clinton McKinzie, author of the Antonio Burns series!

Our short story for the month of June comes from Jonathan Lowe, called Fate's Shadow....Because sometimes fate can cast a long and dangerous shadow.


May Events:

Harry Shannon in his mystery debut,  Memorial Day.  A suspenseful and poignant read  featuring fallen hero extraordinaire Mick Callahan!

Our short story for the month of May comes to us from Kathy VanWey.  What would you do for a good grade?  Read EXTRA CREDIT for an unsavory solution!