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December 2005:

Above Suspicion by Lynda La Plante  -Police Procedural  4.25 bolts

Curiosity Killed The Cat Sitter by Blaize Clement   -Mystery 4 bolts

A Dark and Deadly Deception by Eleanor Taylor Bland  -Police Procedural  3 bolts

Grave Error by Roy Lewis  -Mystery  4 bolts

Last to Leave by Clare Curzon  -Mystery  3.5 bolts

The Moon Tunnel by Jim Kelly  -Mystery  4.5 bolts

Steeplechase by Jane Langton  Historical  4 bolts

Ticket to Ride by Janet Neel  -Legal Mystery  4 bolts

Turnpike Flameout by Eric Dezenhall  -Mystery  5 bolts


November 2005:

Dear Departed by Cynthia Harrod Eagles -Police Procedural 3.5 bolts

Death by Thunder by Gretchen Sprague  -Mystery 3.5 bolts

The Devil's Game by David Holland  --Historical 3.5 bolts

Eye of the Burning Man by Harry Shannon  -Investigative 3.5 bolts

Final Note by Dorothy P. O'Neill  -Amateur Sleuth 2.5 bolts

Kingdom of Lies by Lee Wood  -Mystery 4 bolts

Rendezvous at Kamakura Inn by Marshall Browne  -Investigative 4 bolts

Riding Gain by Joyce Krieg  -Amateur Sleuth 3 bolts

A Venture into Murder by Henry Kisor  -Mystery 4.5 bolts

White Stone Day by John MacLachlan Gray  -Mystery 4 bolts

White Tiger by Michael Allen Dymmoch  -Mystery 4 bolts

Wiley's Refrain by Lono Waiwaiole  -Mystery  3.5 bolts


October 2005:

A Bitter Chill by Jane Finnis  -Historical 4.25 bolts

The Blood Knot by John Galligan  -Mystery 4 bolts

Busting Vegas by Ben Mezrich  -True Crime 4 bolts

The Devil's Own Rag Doll by Mitchell Bartoy  -Hard Boiled 4 bolts

The Green Room by Deborah Turrell Atkinson  -Investigative 4 bolts

Irish Gilt by Ralph McInerny  -Mystery 4 bolts

A Kudzu Christmas by Patricia Sprinkle, et al -Short Stories 4 bolts

Matty Groves by Deborah Grabien  -Ghost Mystery 4 bolts

Pale Death by David & Aimee Thurlo  -Supernatural Thriller 3.5 bolts

Sleep With Me by Joanna Briscoe  -Suspense 4 bolts

Spectres in the Smoke by Tony Broadbent  -Historical 4 bolts

Stone Fish by Olivia Ferrell  -Mystery 3 bolts


September 2005:

The Darwin Conspiracy by John Darnton  -Mystery 4 bolts

Deadgame by Kirk Russell  -Thriller 4.5 bolts

Deadly Detail by Don Porter  -Mystery 2.75 bolts

First Drop by ZoŽ Sharp  -Thriller 3 bolts

The Firemaker by Peter May  -Investigative 3 bolts

First Kill by Michael Kronenwetter  -Private Investigator 3 bolts

Nervous Water by William G. Tapply  -Suspense 4 bolts

Out of Mind by Catherine Simpson   -Investigative 4 bolts


August 2005:

Before the Last Lap by Jim and Joyce Lavene  -Investigative 3 bolts

Breaking Faith by Jo Bannister  -Mystery 4 bolts

Dead at Daybreak by Deon Meyer  -Crime Thriller 4 bolts

Death Climbs a Tree by Sara Hoskinson Frommer  -Cozy 4 bolts

Heir Today by J. J. Lamb and Bette Golden Lamb  -Mystery 3 bolts

Hole In One by Catherine Aird  -Mystery 4 bolts

Relics by Mary Anna Evens  -Mystery 4 bolts

A Shot to Die For by Libby Fischer Hellmann  -Mystery 4.5 bolts

Tabula Rasa by Shelly Rueben  -Suspense 4 bolts


July 2005:

Cold Case by Alafair Burke  -Legal Thriller 4 bolts

Deadly Slipper by Michelle Wan  -Mystery 3 bolts

Desert Summer by Michael Craft  -Mystery 4.5 bolts

Double Cross Blind by Joel N. Ross  -Spy Thriller 4 bolts

Envy by Kathryn Harrison  -Suspense 3.5 bolts

The Rouges' Game by Milton T. Burton  -Mystery 3.5 bolts

Russian Hill Murders by Shirley Tallman  -Historical 5 bolts

Same Time Same Murder by Randisi and Matthews  -Mystery 4 bolts


June 2005:

The Black Angel by John Connelly  -Supernatural  4.5 bolts

Blood Ties by Ralph McInerny  -Mystery  4.5 bolts

Heaven: A Prison Diary Vol. III by Jeffrey Archer  -Biography  4 bolts

The Mosaic of Shadows by Tom Harper  -Historical Mystery 4.5 bolts

No Way Back by Michael Crow  -Thriller  2.5 bolts

Pain Killer by Will Staeger  -Espionage Thriller  3.5 bolts

The Practice of Deceit by Elizabeth Benedict  -Suspense July Interview

The Road to Esmeralda by Joy Nicholson  -Suspense  3.5 bolts


May 2005:

Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit by Carole Nelson Douglas  Cozy 4.5 bolts

The Crime Trade by Simon Kernick  Investigative  4 bolts

Detective At Death's Door by H. R. F. Keating  Mystery  4.5 bolts

The Four Courts Murder by Andrew Nugent  Mystery  4 bolts

The Graveyard Shift by Kelly Lange  Investigative  3.5 bolts

The Inside Ring by Michael Lawson  Political Thriller 4 bolts

Out of Range by C. J. Box  Investigative  3.5 bolts

Street Fighter by Bill Kent  Mystery  4 bolts


April 2005:

All the Dead Fathers by David J. Walker -Mystery 3.5 bolts
"Kirsten is a fearless, if sometimes foolish, heroine who meets her match..."

Controlled Burn by Scott Wolven  -Short Stories  4.5 bolts
"...a debut collection of impressive stories..."

Damaged Goods by Roland S. Jefferson  -Thriller  2 bolts
"...a predictable, yet unsatisfying, ending."

Dead Reckoning by Patricia Hall  -Mystery  4 bolts
"Highly recommended for the mystery reader who likes complex tales..."

Last Call for Blackford Oakes by William F. Buckley Jr. -Mystery  4.5 bolts
 "...may be one of the finest stories in the series."

Lostlindens by David D. Nolta  -Mystery  5 bolts
"...written in a style that brings to mind writers of a previous age."

Mad Cow Nightmare by Nancy Means Wright  -Mystery  3.5 bolts
"...a tale of gypsies, murder and pestilence..."

The Marble Kite by David Daniel  -Mystery 4 bolts
"...it is refreshing to find a private investigator with all the traditional vices."

Murder on the Salsette by Conrad Allen  -Historical Mystery 3.5 bolts
"...very bit as enjoyable as its predecessors."

Owl's Well That Ends Well by Donna Andrews  -Amateur Sleuth  3.5 bolts
"...zany to just plain weird..."

Stewball by Peter Bowen  -Mystery 4.5 bolts 
"...a thrilling mystery novel set in the wide open spaces of Montana."

Suicide Squeeze by Victor Gischler  -Investigative  5 bolts
April's author of the month!

Trial by Fire by D. W. Buff  -Legal Thriller  3 bolts
"...an uneven and somewhat disjointed read..."

Two Dollar Bill by Stuart Woods  -Investigative  3 bolts
"Stuart Woods is all about action..."

White Thunder by Aimee and David Thurlo  -Mystery  4 bolts
"The setting is fascinating..."


March 2005:

Adios Hemingway by Leonardo Padura Fuentes  -Investigative 4 bolts
"This is a novel for Hemingway fans." 

Cheapskates by Charlie Stella  -Suspense  4 bolts
"A different look at the world of criminals..."

Death Splits A Hair by Nancy Bell  -Mystery  4.5 bolts
"Bell captures life in a delightful small town..."

Drawing the Line by Judith Cutler  -4 bolts  Mystery
"...a story lived by well drawn characters..."

Dying for Love by Gwen Moffat  -Suspense  3.5 bolts
"...a riveting tale..."

Guilt by G. H. Ephron  -Suspense  3.5 bolts
"...a gripping and fascinating read filled with interesting and likable characters..."

An Honorable Murder by Philip Gooden  -Historical  4.5 bolts
"...he is in terrific form."

Light Before Day by Christopher Rice  -Mystery  4 bolts
"...an intelligent and worthwhile read."

Miss Gazillions by Richard Weber  -Mystery  4 bolts
"...canít-put-down read."

Mountain Peril by Tom Eslick  -Mystery  3.5 bolts
"...plenty of ambience..."

The Nature of Rare Things by Derek Wilson  -Mystery  4 bolts
"...a plot filled with wonderful characters..."

Over the Edge by Stuart Pawson  -Detective  4 bolts
"Öyou'll be enchanted."

Season of the Snake by Claire Davis  -Suspense  3.5 bolts
"...the creepiness instilled is of the sort that goes deep..."

Thicker Than Water by Rett MacPherson  -Amateur Sleuth  4 bolts
"...a fun and refreshingly clean mystery."

Too Late For Angels by Mignon F. Ballard  -Mystery  4.5 bolts
"Romance, mystery, intrigue, and family complications..."

The Trojan Dog by Dorothy Johnston  -Amateur Sleuth  3.5 bolts
"...will definitely intrigue lovers of computer crime."


February 2005:

Cavalcade by Walter Satterthwait  -Historical  4.75 bolts
"...recreated the world of the 1930s with excellent description and supporting characters."

Cold Burn by Kit Ehrman  -Mystery  4.5 bolts
"...an outstanding mystery set in the glorious backdrop of horse country Virginia."

Dead is Forever by David Cray  -Thriller  4 bolts
"The author has a way with words..."

The Devil's Wind by Richard Rayner  -Thriller  3 bolts
"...a regular off- the- block thriller..."

Last One Down by Joyce and Jim Lavene  -Investigative  3.5 bolts
"...a fast, action-packed read."

The Ottoman Cage by Barbara Nadel  -Police Procedural  4.5 bolts
"...just the right blend of intrigue and suspense..."

The Queen Jade by Yxta Maya Murray  -Suspense 4 bolts
"...a touch of mysticism, a touch of suspense..."

A Rocky Road by Glen Ebisch -Mystery 3.5 bolts
"...reads like a younger version of "Murder She Wrote"..."

Son of a Gun by Randye Lordon  -Investigative  4 bolts
"...a charming and exciting read from beginning to end..."

Tamburlaine Must Die by Louise Welch  -Historical  4 bolts
"A recommended read for history buffs..."

What Goes Around Comes Around by Con Lehane  -Mystery  3.5 bolts
"...an entertaining addition to the Brian McNulty series."

January 2005:

Beneath a Panamanian Moon by David Terrenoire  -Mystery 4.5 bolts
"Maybe the best Iíve read in a long time."

Dark Eye by William Bernhardt (Legal Thriller) Interview included!
"...insightful and perceptive portrayal of the many forms of madness..."

The Fool's Tale by Nicole Galland  -Mystery  3.5 bolts
"Don't read this book for relaxation--but do read it."

The Forgotten Man by Robert Crais -Investigative Interview with Crais!
"...better than ever."

Killing A Unicorn by Marjorie Eccles  -Mystery  4 bolts
"Scandalous secrets hiding behind masks of civility..."

Los Angeles by Peter Moore Smith  -Suspense  4.5 bolts
"...not at all what one might expect from this genre..."

That Way Murder Lies by Ann Granger  -Mystery 4 bolts
"...as tantalizing and pleasing as they come."

The Way Out by Craig Childs  -Adventure  4 bolts 
"...a meaningful voyage of self-discovery."