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December 2004:

Aspen Pulp by Patrick Hasburgh (Investigative) 4 bolts
"...funny and satirical look at the rich and decadent..."

A Cold and Silent Dying by Eleanor Taylor Bland (Detective) 3 bolts
"...a mildly engaging read..."

The Depths of Solitude by Jo Bannister (Investigative) 3.5 bolts
"....a remarkably gripping storyline..."

The Dreaming Detective by H. R. F. Keating (Detective) 4 bolts
"Plenty of red herrings and false trails..."

The Fire Baby by Jim Kelly (Mystery) 4 bolts
"A fascinating weaving of several subplots..."

The Hangman's Hymn by P. C. Doherty (Historical) 4 bolts
"A well-told tale that will keep you turning pages..."

I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass by Paul Charles (Mystery) 4.5 bolts
"...the realities of the music industry were refreshing and amusing. "

Moth and Flame by John Morgan Wilson (Mystery) 4 bolts
"...a sharp and clever mystery..."

Thief in Retreat by Aimee and David Thurlo (Amateur Sleuth) 4 bolts
"Sister Agatha is a real pistol who keeps the readers chuckling."

The Unquiet Dead by Gay Longworth (Investigative) 4.5 bolts
"...a worthwhile heroine who impresses as she entertains."

The Witch in the Well by Sharan Newman (Historical) 3.5 bolts
"If not entirely riveting, this is an enjoyable read..."


November 2004:

A Bond With Death by Bill Crider (Mystery) 3 bolts
"...a fast and spirited read."

Convenient Disposal by Steven F. Havill (Investigative) 4 bolts
"Havill knows New Mexico and it's people."

A Clock Without Hands by Guy Burt (Suspense) 4.5 bolts
"Recommended as a read you will long remember."

A Christmas Journey by Anne Perry (Historical) 4 bolts
"...Perry has an infinite talent for bringing her characters to life..."

A Christmas Visitor by Anne Perry (Historical) 4 bolts
"...great trip back in time..."

Dead For the Winter by Betsy Thornton (Investigative) 4.5 bolts
"A new novel from this creative artist is always a treat..."

The Famous Flower of Serving Men by Deborah Grabien (Ghost Story) 4.5 bolts
"A must read for any mystery or ghost lover."

Nobody Runs Forever by Richard Stark (Thriller) 4 bolts
"Mildly enjoyable….

Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders by John Mortimer (Mystery) 4 bolts
"...is something extraordinary...

Seeds Of Doubt by Stephanie Kane (Legal Thriller) 4.5 bolts (Interview included!)
"...suspenseful and intelligently drawn tale."


October 2004:

Chilling Effect by Marianne Wesson (Legal thriller) 5 bolts Interview!
"...a story with grit and purpose..."

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett (Amateur Sleuth) 4 bolts
"...witty and humorous…"

Green Thumb by Ralph McInerny (Amateur Sleuth) 4 bolts
"...a first-class read..."

Keep Me Alive by Natasha Cooper (Detective) 4 bolts
"...gets off to a slow start, but soon draws the reader in."

The Last Voice You Hear by Mick Herron (Suspense) 5 bolts!
"...stunning work of heartrending thrills."

Shadows In the Darkness by Elaine Cunningham (Occult) 4 bolts
"...this spirited read easily electrifies and stimulates."


September 2004:

A Meeting of Minds by Clare Curzon (Mystery) 4 bolts
"...a fun read by a very talented mystery author."

The Unbidden Truth by Kate Wilhelm (Legal thriller) 3 bolts
".....a quick read..."


August 2004:

Counting To Infinity by J.L. Abramo (Private Investigator) 4 bolts
"What a roller coaster ride..."

The Counterfeit Crank by Edward Marston (Historical) 4 bolts
"...satisfying tale set in Olde England."

Dying For You by Geraldine Evans (Investigative) 4 bolts
"...twists, double twists and triple twists..."

The Fall by Michael Allen Dymmoch (Amateur Sleuth) 3.5 bolts
"....will keep you guessing...."

Such Vicious Minds by Daniel Klein (Mystery) 3 bolts
"A mystery featuring Elvis Presley"


July 2004:

Buried Dreams by Brendan DuBois (Mystery) 4.5 bolts
"....a character-driven mystery...."

Family Matters by Joel Rosenberg (Suspense) 4 bolts
"Readers who enjoyed HOME FRONT will want to read this one..."

Forged by Laura Crum (Amateur sleuth) 4 bolts
"....an intelligent and well thought out plot..."

The Ghost Writer by John Harwood (Mystery) 4.5 bolts
"a very cleverly written tale..."

Hasty Death by Marion Chesney (Amateur Sleuth) 2.5 bolts
"...left a lot to be desired..."

The Murder Exchange by Simon Kernick (Investigative) 3 bolts
"...lots of plot twists and plenty of violence."

Pale As The Dead by Fiona Mountain (Amateur Sleuth) 4 bolts
"....a very refreshing character."

Purgatory: Prison Diary Vol. II by Jeffrey Archer (True Crime) 5bolts
"...a Diary with a difference."

Requiem For A Realtor by Ralph McInerny (Investigative) 4 bolts
"A real whodunnit...."

Show Business is Murder Edited by Stuart M. Kaminsky (Anthology) 4 bolts
"There is something for every taste..."

The Sterling Inheritance by Michael Siverling (Investigative) 4 bolts
"...a delightfully entertaining read!"

Under the Manhattan Bridge by Irene Marcuse (Amateur sleuth) 5 bolts
"...Marcuse's New York pulses with life...."


June 2004:

Bone Harvest by Mary Logue (Amateur Sleuth) 4 bolts

Conviction by Elise Title (Investigative) 4 bolts

I'd Kill For That Edited by Marcia Talley (Collaboration) 4 bolts

Night Swimming by Robin Schwarz (Suspense) 4 bolts

Rift by Richard Cox (Thriller) 3 bolts

Secret Smile by Nicci French (Thriller) 3.5 bolts

She Smiled Sweetly by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith (Investigative) 4 bolts

Time's Fool by Leonard Tourney (Historical) 4 bolts

Twenty-Seven Bones by Jonathan Nasaw (Thriller) 3.5 bolts


May 2004:

Blood On The Wood by Gillian Linscott (Historical) 3.5 bolts

The Bug Funeral by Sarah R. Shaber (Amateur Sleuth) 4 bolts

Crossing The Line by Clinton McKinzie  (Investigative) 4.5 bolts (Interview!)

Fade To Clear by Leonard Chang (Investigative) 3.5 bolts

A Hard Ticket Home by David Housewright (Investigative) 2.5 bolts

Memorial Day by Harry Shannon (Investigative) 5 bolts (Interview)

Murder on Nob Hill by Shirley Tallman (Historical) 4 bolts

Unwilling Accomplice by Barbara Seranella (Investigative)  4 bolts


April 2004:

The Face Of The Assassin by David Lindsey (Thriller) 4 bolts

An Inconvenient Wife by Megan Chance (Historical) 3.5 bolts

Last Lullaby by Denise Hamilton (Investigative) 5 bolts! (Interview)

Murder is Academic by Christine Poulson (Historical) 3.5 bolts  

The Tumbler by Peter Bowen (Investigative) 4 bolts


March 2004:

Arch Angels by Robert J. Randisi (Investigative) 3 bolts

The Carbon Murder by Camille Minichino (Investigative) 4 bolts

Desert Spring by Michael Craft (Amateur Sleuth) 3 bolts

Murder by Design by Jon P. Bloch (Amateur Sleuth) 3.5 bolts

Untimely Graves by Marjorie Eccles (Investigative) 4 bolts

When the Last Magnolia Weeps by Mary Saums (Cozy) 3 bolts


February 2004:

Belshazzar's Daughter by Barbara Nadel  4 bolts

Goofy Foot by David Daniel  (Investigative)  3 bolts

In Sheep's Clothing by Rett MacPherson (Cozy)  3.5 bolts

Killer Body by Bonnie Hearn Hill (Suspense) 5 bolts (Interview Included)

Land of Echoes by Daniel Hecht  5 bolts!  (Interview Included)

Murder on the Mamora by Conrad Allen  (Historical) 4 bolts

Southwesterly Wind by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza (Investigative) 4 bolts

We'll Always Have Parrots by Donna Andrews (Amateur Sleuth) 4 bolts

The Witch's Grave by Phillip DePoy (Amateur Sleuth) 3 bolts


January 2004:

The 37th Hour by Jodi Compton (Suspense) 5 bolts!  Interview included!

An Animated Death in Burbank (Investigative Series)  3 bolts

An Antic Disposition  by Alan Gordon  (Medieval Mystery)  5 bolts!

The Feng Shui Detective by Nury Vittachi  (Amateur Sleuth)  4 bolts

The Ten Word Game  by Jonathan Gash (Mystery)  3 bolts